Thursday, August 25

You Actually Can't Run

Remember the old expression "you can run"... yea, well, that is just an expression!

Wednesday, August 24

No-win Decision

Her bad decisions had put her in a no win position... but she knew she had to pick something - otherwise he'd pick everything.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Tuesday, August 23


Maybe trying to throw her friend under the bus... figuratively speaking, of course, ;) ... wasn't the best of ideas.

Monday, August 22

Tight Fit

Her blue-jeans came down when it was time for her lesson to be delivered. And when it was time for them to go back up, that tight fit was going to serve as a not so pleasant reminder.

Photo from Real Spankings

Sunday, August 21

A Hard Spanking

Some spankings were given in quick, rapid fire bursts that felt like a swarm of bee stings. Others though, like this spanking, were slower and more deliberate but felt right down to the bottom of her shoes.

Saturday, August 20

Big Bad Wolf

Now who is afraid Big Bad Wolf!

Photo from Punished Brats

Friday, August 19

Mime Time

Hey now, if you're miming a spanking... why does my butt hurt!

Thursday, August 18

The Best Laid Plans

If we demand that our bedtime be moved back an hour, what can she do? It's not like she's going to spank each one of us!

Photo from Clare Fonda

Wednesday, August 17

Got You Covered

If you want to cover for your friend, if that's really what you want to do... than that's what we'll do.

Tuesday, August 16

In the Army

There was no need for the Sergeant to call for a "sound off!" in this count.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Monday, August 15

No Bridezilla Here

Such a big wedding, yet she seems so calm and relaxed. How does she do it?

Sunday, August 14

Nice Try

Ma'am, you really shouldn't let leather get wet. Perhaps I should dry off my bottom first?

Photo from English Spankers

Saturday, August 13

Carpet Beater

She'd never been spanked with the Carpet Beater before, but guessed it probably would have been better to avoid an implement with the word "beater" in it!

Friday, August 12

Method Acting

You heard how Keira Knightley faked her spanking in A Dangerous Method? Well, we're going to be trying a slightly different approach!

Photo from HD Spank

Thursday, August 11


If she didn't settle down a bit, this spanking was going to turn her pigtails into a ponytail.

Wednesday, August 10

Nothing Just About It

Just a hand spanking? When his hands gets going with rapid fire spanks, there is nothing just about it!

Photo from Triple A Spanking

Tuesday, August 9

Assignment Time

When asked "what did you do for your summer vacation" - it ~might~ be best to skip some of the details!

Monday, August 8

Not What You Want To Hear

Do you think she has learned her lesson?


Sunday, August 7

Willing to Lend a Hand

Her poor hand is going to be sore after spanking all of those bottoms. Really feel bad for her... perhaps I should volunteer to help out?

Saturday, August 6

Forgiven But Not Forgotten

All is forgiven? Okay, but trust me... my poor bottom is not forgetting this!

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Friday, August 5


If we're having spaghetti, why do we need a serving spatula?

Thursday, August 4

The Wrong Combination

Forgetting your locker key for the second day in a row turns out to be the wrong combination for those wishing to avoid a spanking.

Photo from Triple A Spanking

Wednesday, August 3

Red Bedspread

She'd always liked the pretty colors and pattern on her bedspread. Those same colors and pattern on her on her poor sore bottom though, that was another story!

Tuesday, August 2

35 Spanks

So what happens if my 500 word essay only has 465 words?

Photo from Punished Brats

Monday, August 1

Left Handed Spank

The double foot block gambit is easily countered by the left handed spank.

Sunday, July 31

Now You're Feeling Warm

This was the last time she'd lie about having a temperature...

Photo from Rectal Temperature Taking

Saturday, July 30

Squeaky Clean

Are you SURE you have washed everywhere? You know what happens to naughty girls that aren't squeaky clean.

Friday, July 29

Watch Your Step

Running up and down the stairs is dangerous and will not be tolerated. Of course, she wasn't finding much comfort standing in place on the stairs either.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Thursday, July 28


She's cruising for bruising... literally!

Wednesday, July 27

Mister Grumpy

Better to be Grumpy than Ouchie!

Photo from Spanking Sarah Gregory

Tuesday, July 26


You do have the right to remain silent...!!

Monday, July 25

Friendly Skies

Remember to wear your pink with pride and a smile.

Photo from Spanking Glamor

Sunday, July 24


Do not stand up until I tell you we are done... seriously!

Saturday, July 23

Collecting - the hard way

Well, what happens if I DO collect my $200!!?

Photo from AAA Spanking

Friday, July 22

Seeing Clearly

She could now see the error of her ways.

Thursday, July 21

We've Only Just Begun

When the length of your spanking is measured with the little hand on the clock, you know you've been a naughty girl.

Photo from Bad Tushy

Wednesday, July 20

Too Big For Your Boots

... but not too big to go over my knee.

Tuesday, July 19

Diaper Position

If you act like a big baby and pout and fuss when you don't get your way... I won't have a problem treating you like a big baby.

Photo from Spank Amber

Monday, July 18

Wrap It Up

We'll have this spanking wrapped up real soon...

Sunday, July 17

Guaranteed Spanking

Showing up out of uniform is the sort of thing that can get you spanked. Bragging that "at least I have nice shoes" when called on it pretty much guarantees it.

Photo from Sam's Diaries

Saturday, July 16

Brush Up

He needed to brush up on his panty pulling down technique.

Friday, July 15

Let's Review

Your job review? Oh, yes-yes... I think we can mark you down as having learned from your mistakes!

Photo from Bad Tushy

Thursday, July 14

Sucker Spanking

Young lady, you knew full well that was my sucker!

Wednesday, July 13

Getting To The Bottom

It was time to get straight to the bottom of her bad behavior.

Photo from Spanking Teen Jessica

Tuesday, July 12

Bedtime Spanking

Waiting until the end of the day to be honest about her misdeeds sure felt like a good idea when the sun was up.

Monday, July 11

No Surprise

Should come as no surprise, young lady. You know if you misbehave you will be bent over and spanked.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Sunday, July 10

Good Girl Spanking

She'd worked hard and focused on being a good girl and now she got to enjoy a nice, long relaxing good girl spanking.

Saturday, July 9

Time to Panic

Walking into the room for "a talk" and seeing that wicked hairbrush on the table told her exactly where this little discussion was going... and it wasn't a good place for her bottom. But knowing was what coming didn't lesson the panic when it actually started to happen.

Photo from Spanking Teen Jessica

Friday, July 8

On Her Tummy

Naughty girls have to sleep on their tummy...

Thursday, July 7

Okay, Give me a Few Minutes

When he said "assume the position"... it took a solid 5 minutes and good balance to make it happen.

Photo from Spanking Digital

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