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Sunday, October 9

As you have probably noticed - I haven't been posting lately. That's because of some rather serious personal health issues. Hopefully things smooth out soon and I will be back to posting. Until then, enjoy the old posts and happy spankings!

Saturday, September 17


Note to self:
a hand spanking CAN hurt that much!

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Friday, September 16

Hats on to You

When he gets home and starts spanking... before even taking his hat off... she knows it's bad news for her bottom.

Thursday, September 15

Does My HMO Cover This?

Two things you never want to hear from your doctor. 1) This is going to hurt, and 2) Bend over and grab your ankles. When he says both while holding a paddle, well - that's BIG trouble.

Photo from English Spankers

Wednesday, September 14

Same Old, Same Old

A new day.... and a new year... but an all too familiar position.

Tuesday, September 13

Lending a Hand

You know what they say, two hands are better than one!

Photo from Clare Fonda

Monday, September 12

Mystery Solved

She'd wondered why a guy with an all tile house had a carpet beater.

Sunday, September 11

Lighting a Fire

He said he was going to light a fire, and she didn't realize he didn't mean in the fireplace until it was far too late.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Saturday, September 10

Swing Harder

Scream HARDER! at me... well, okay!

Friday, September 9

Sweeping Changes

There would be no more sweeping her bad behavior under the rug.

Photo from 2Punish

Thursday, September 8

Wet Bottom Spanking

The no running when you get out of the pool rule was backed up by a wet bottom spanking that would not soon be forgotten.

Wednesday, September 7


The importance of teamwork just didn't seem to be sinking in. If anything, their fighting and bickering had gotten worse. Enough was enough. They'd not only be spanked, but they'd be spanked together... by two spankers that were more than willing to work together.

Photo from Cutie Spankee

Tuesday, September 6

Not Too Old To Spank You

Cassette tapes! How old are you??

Monday, September 5

Mirror, mirror

...on the wall, who is the naughtiest of them all?

Photo from Spanking Bare Butts

Sunday, September 4

Nice Shoes

Next time your spanker says "those are nice shoes"... be very afraid!

Saturday, September 3

Eye Roll

Polite words along with a dramatic eye roll is not a winning combination for you, young lady.

Photo from Punished Brats

Friday, September 2

I Was Asking About the Car!

Now do you keep it so shinny red?

Thursday, September 1

The Doors

They say when one door closes, another door opens. What they don't tell you is, you sometimes get your butt spanked in the hallway between those two doors!

Photo from Hi Def Spank

Wednesday, August 31

Wardrobe Malfunction

Her having forgotten to pack clothes would not be going unpunished.

Tuesday, August 30

Where to Wear Red

She thought red looked better on her head than it did on her bottom... not that anyone was asking for opinions.

Photo from Spank My Bottom

Monday, August 29

One Bad Apple

He wasn't going to allow one bad apple in the bunch.

Sunday, August 28

Hairbush at Bedtime

And to think, counting brush strokes before bed used to bed a relaxing ritual.

Photo from Girls Bottom

Saturday, August 27

Not Exaggerating

When he talked about his "the big paddle" she figured... well, men are always exaggerating about size.

Friday, August 26

Cool It

She'd been warned to "cool it, or else." But yet another bratty comment followed a moment later, and it was time to step away from the group. There was nothing "cool" about this conversation though. In fact, it was going to be down right blisteringly hot.

Photo from FetishFlixx

Thursday, August 25

You Actually Can't Run

Remember the old expression "you can run"... yea, well, that is just an expression!

Wednesday, August 24

No-win Decision

Her bad decisions had put her in a no win position... but she knew she had to pick something - otherwise he'd pick everything.

Photo from Firm Hand Spanking

Tuesday, August 23


Maybe trying to throw her friend under the bus... figuratively speaking, of course, ;) ... wasn't the best of ideas.

Monday, August 22

Tight Fit

Her blue-jeans came down when it was time for her lesson to be delivered. And when it was time for them to go back up, that tight fit was going to serve as a not so pleasant reminder.

Photo from Real Spankings

Sunday, August 21

A Hard Spanking

Some spankings were given in quick, rapid fire bursts that felt like a swarm of bee stings. Others though, like this spanking, were slower and more deliberate but felt right down to the bottom of her shoes.

Saturday, August 20

Big Bad Wolf

Now who is afraid Big Bad Wolf!

Photo from Punished Brats

Friday, August 19

Mime Time

Hey now, if you're miming a spanking... why does my butt hurt!

Thursday, August 18

The Best Laid Plans

If we demand that our bedtime be moved back an hour, what can she do? It's not like she's going to spank each one of us!

Photo from Clare Fonda

Wednesday, August 17

Got You Covered

If you want to cover for your friend, if that's really what you want to do... than that's what we'll do.

Tuesday, August 16

In the Army

There was no need for the Sergeant to call for a "sound off!" in this count.

Photo from Spanked in Uniform

Monday, August 15

No Bridezilla Here

Such a big wedding, yet she seems so calm and relaxed. How does she do it?

Sunday, August 14

Nice Try

Ma'am, you really shouldn't let leather get wet. Perhaps I should dry off my bottom first?

Photo from English Spankers

Saturday, August 13

Carpet Beater

She'd never been spanked with the Carpet Beater before, but guessed it probably would have been better to avoid an implement with the word "beater" in it!

Friday, August 12

Method Acting

You heard how Keira Knightley faked her spanking in A Dangerous Method? Well, we're going to be trying a slightly different approach!

Photo from HD Spank

Thursday, August 11


If she didn't settle down a bit, this spanking was going to turn her pigtails into a ponytail.

Wednesday, August 10

Nothing Just About It

Just a hand spanking? When his hands gets going with rapid fire spanks, there is nothing just about it!

Photo from Triple A Spanking

Tuesday, August 9

Assignment Time

When asked "what did you do for your summer vacation" - it ~might~ be best to skip some of the details!

Monday, August 8

Not What You Want To Hear

Do you think she has learned her lesson?


Sunday, August 7

Willing to Lend a Hand

Her poor hand is going to be sore after spanking all of those bottoms. Really feel bad for her... perhaps I should volunteer to help out?

Saturday, August 6

Forgiven But Not Forgotten

All is forgiven? Okay, but trust me... my poor bottom is not forgetting this!

Photo from Bun Beating Fun

Friday, August 5


If we're having spaghetti, why do we need a serving spatula?

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